Minimal Waiting Times

Minimal Waiting Times

Secure prompt & timely care with minimal waiting times within 5 weeks at our Neutral Bay & Newcastle clinics. This will guarantee that any periodontal and implant issues you may have will be treated promptly.

Expert Guidance from a Leading Authority

Expert Guidance from a Leading Authority

Trust the expertise and deep knowledge of our renowned professor who has taught dozens of registered periodontists in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.
Exceptional Patient Care

Exceptional Patient Care

Rest easy knowing that we prioritise the highest quality of patient care and services, ensuring your comfort, well-being, and satisfaction throughout your treatment journey.

Precision for Long-Lasting Results

Precision for Long-Lasting Results

Our treatments are meticulously performed to reduce the chance of infection and relapse, providing you with precise care that yields enduring outcomes for your oral health.

Highest Quality Equipment

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, enabling us to provide you with the most advanced and effective gum disease treatment available.

Aesthetic Problems

There are a variety of treatments available to patients who seek aesthetic improvements to their mouths and smiles. Aesthetic improvements to the face can not only improve a person’s confidence but how they go about their daily lives. And I would like to consider Periodontists the Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgeons in the Dental Context.


Most of the solutions to the above aesthetic problems are provided through highly specialised periodontal surgery.

These specialist procedures are performed with a micro-surgical approach with the use of magnifying loupes or microscopy and additional surgical lights. Surgical miniaturised dental instruments are also used.


An aesthetic crown lengthening procedure is performed when there is excess gum tissue in comparison to the visibility of the teeth (aka. Gummy Smile).

periodontal surgery

A gummy smile can be aesthetically modified via gum reshaping or gum recontouring. During the specialist procedure, excess gum tissue is taken away from the crowns of the teeth to make they visibly appear longer and/or wider. Fine bone recontouring of excessive jawbone is usually required and is often combined with the fabrication of aesthetic veneers or crowns.


Periodontitis and peri-implantitis often causes your gumline to recede due to damage of the soft tissue. In this case the soft tissue needs to be reinforced. To do so, a small amount of tissue can be taken from the roof of the mouth (palate) and attached to the affected areas. This will help to reduce further gum recession, cover up the exposed roots of the teeth and cosmetically enhance the look of your teeth and smile.

As an alternative to collecting soft tissue from your palate, synthetic gum tissues can also be used in selected cases and grafted to the area of the recession.


Dental implants to any part of the mouth are a great, long-term solution for missing teeth. During the procedure a titanium screw is embedded in to the gum in place of the missing tooth’s root. After the screw is implanted a crown is attached to the screw which aesthetically matches your other teeth in size, shape and colour.


Lip repositioning is a specialist complex procedure which is carried out to treat in a comprehensive manner. Many cases of gummy smile are often associated with lip atrophy (Thin lip, see Lip Augmentation). This is done by surgically releasing the lip muscles with tiny incisions inside the mouth. The soft tissue is then sutured (stitched) in a slightly different position to reduce the excessive exposure of the gummy smile.


Lip recontouring/ augmentation is a common procedure which is carried out to add volume and reshape the lips. Often patients choose to have the initial trial done using dermal fillers. And when both the specialist and patient gain sufficient information on how they would like to achieve the cosmetic results, surgical procedure may be the treatment of choice to provide more definitive and permanent results.

dental implants and periodontal disease

With our expert care, you will find your radiant, healthy smile once more!

Specialist Clinical Expertise BASED ON

Smile Specialists Suite is led by Professor Alex Quaranta and Dr Lizzy Hui. Professor Quaranta is a world authority in the field of Periodontics and Dental Implantology. Over the years, he has developed an extensive expertise and leadership in clinical research and activity.

Together with his Clinical Research Team, he has successfully practised for years the surgical procedures for aesthetic dental problems. 

This has also resulted in the publication of numerous articles and invitation as speaker on periodontal surgery by several scientific societies, universities and dental study clubs. He has also developed his recommended surgical set-up and equipment for most of the above mentioned surgical procedures.

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