Minimal Waiting Times

Minimal Waiting Times

Secure prompt & timely care with minimal waiting times within 5 weeks at our Neutral Bay & Newcastle clinics. This will guarantee that any periodontal and implant issues you may have will be treated promptly.

Expert Guidance from a Leading Authority

Expert Guidance from a Leading Authority

Trust the expertise and deep knowledge of our renowned professor who has taught dozens of registered periodontists in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.
Exceptional Patient Care

Exceptional Patient Care

Rest easy knowing that we prioritise the highest quality of patient care and services, ensuring your comfort, well-being, and satisfaction throughout your treatment journey.

Precision for Long-Lasting Results

Precision for Long-Lasting Results

Our treatments are meticulously performed to reduce the chance of infection and relapse, providing you with precise care that yields enduring outcomes for your oral health.

Highest Quality Equipment

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, enabling us to provide you with the most advanced and effective gum disease treatment available.

our approach

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Multidisciplinary dental treatment is based on a team approach of specialists and general dentists in the diagnosis and treatment of complex and severe dental conditions that require multiple therapeutical steps. Sometimes, medical specialists are also part of the team.

This usually includes, but is not limited to: periodontal therapy, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic/periodontal therapy, endodontic therapy, prosthodontics therapy etc.

In order to achieve excellent functional and aesthetic results, the multi-disciplinary team is composed by specialists and general dentists that work together and are usually led by the Specialist Periodontist. 

A dental specialist multi-disciplinary treatment for our patients includes the management of four main health aspects: biology, stability, aesthetics and function.

Biology deals with the achievement of healthy gums and bone around teeth and dental implants. Stability is the confidence in comprehensive health of the dental tooth structure and its surrounding architecture. Aesthetics focuses on maintaining or creating a beautiful, pleasant and harmonised smile and face. Finally, Function is about all the essential components that make the mouth working properly: muscles, nerves, joints, occlusion between mandible and maxilla; for daily use in speaking, singing, swallowing, whistling, enjoying cuisine etc. 

A multi-disciplinary approach is a dental treatment that involves different dental and medical specialists to identify reciprocal approaches and personalised treatment plan for each of our patients.

You may also check Periodontal holistic treatment.

dental implants and periodontal disease

With our expert care, you will find your radiant, healthy smile once more!

Specialist Clinical Expertise BASED ON

Smile Specialists Suite is led by Professor Alex Quaranta and Dr Lizzy Hui. Professor Quaranta is a world authority in the field of dental Implantology and periodontics. Over the years, he has developed an extensive expertise and leadership in clinical research.

Together with his Clinical Research Team, he has shown, through  the publication of an impressive amount of scientific papers, how important is the periodontal and peri-implant maintenance and home oral hygiene for a long-term stability of painless, aesthetic, functional and healthy teeth and dental implants.

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