Minimal Waiting Times

Minimal Waiting Times

Secure prompt & timely care with minimal waiting times within 5 weeks at our Neutral Bay & Newcastle clinics. This will guarantee that any periodontal and implant issues you may have will be treated promptly.

Expert Guidance from a Leading Authority

Expert Guidance from a Leading Authority

Trust the expertise and deep knowledge of our renowned professor who has taught dozens of registered periodontists in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.
Exceptional Patient Care

Exceptional Patient Care

Rest easy knowing that we prioritise the highest quality of patient care and services, ensuring your comfort, well-being, and satisfaction throughout your treatment journey.

Precision for Long-Lasting Results

Precision for Long-Lasting Results

Our treatments are meticulously performed to reduce the chance of infection and relapse, providing you with precise care that yields enduring outcomes for your oral health.

Highest Quality Equipment

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, enabling us to provide you with the most advanced and effective gum disease treatment available.

Leading professionals in periodontist treatments and implantology

Leading periodontists in Neutral Bay, Professor Alessandro (Alex) Quaranta and Doctor Lizzy Hui provide top-notch periodontal care, from treating gum diseases and dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, gum grafting, and crown lengthening procedures.

For expert diagnosis, management, and care from a leading periodontist in Neutral Bay, contact Smile Specialist Suites.

Understanding the role of a periodontist in Neutral Bay

A periodontist initially trains as a general dentist and then undergoes additional specialised training in diagnosing, treating, and preventing periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease. Put simply, our expertise lies in treating conditions that impact the gums and bones within your mouth.

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A periodontist in Neutral Bay helps patients rediscover vibrant, healthy smiles.

Our Why

We’re committed to fostering confident smiles through advanced treatment techniques, excellent periodontal care, dental implants, emergency dental care and cosmetic dentistry. Our focus on gum health is key to helping our Neutral Bay patients achieve brighter smiles.

Our How

We have established a top-notch periodontist dental practice in an area with limited access to quality oral health services, offering vital dentistry and treatment to those in need. Our team employs advanced periodontal and dental implant treatments, emphasising a caring and patient-centred approach.

Our Specialty

We provide top-tier periodontics and implantology services. Our comprehensive strategy for treating periodontal disease and maintaining gum health involves a multidisciplinary approach, guaranteeing optimal results for all our patients in Neutral Bay.

Meet our friendly team:

Meet Neutral Bay’s professional and friendly periodontics team, dedicated to treating gum disease and creating a healthy, stunning smile makeover.

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Professor Alessandro Quaranta

Professor Alessandro Quaranta, also known as Prof. Q, boasts a distinguished 15-year career as an AHPRA-registered specialist periodontist. He holds a PhD in Dental Implantology and excels in complex surgical procedures. Prof. Q has greatly influenced periodontal care and dental education globally, with over 180 publications and extensive international teaching. He has trained many of Australia’s periodontists.

Dr Lizzy Hui

Dr. Lizzy Hui brings a varied dental background from Hong Kong. She graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from New Zealand’s University of Otago and later pursued a Master of Medical Science in Pain Management at the University of Sydney.

Dr. Hui, who formerly ran a successful dental clinic in Thirroul, Wollongong, specialised in Periodontics and Implantology at Griffith University. She skillfully juggles her roles as a periodontist, clinical supervisor, wife, and mother.

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Our periodontal services

In Neutral Bay, our periodontal treatments tackle various issues like poor oral health, dental implant therapy, halitosis (bad breath), dry mouth, missing teeth, and other aesthetic concerns such as gummy smiles or teeth whitening.

Our treatments also cover every phase of periodontal disease, ranging from initial gingivitis to advanced periodontitis. Learn more on our Periodontal Conditions page.

Our dental care and treatment services:

Our services encompass a range of treatments, from non-surgical and less-invasive methods to dental implants and cosmetic periodontal procedures.

The outcomes shown are only relevant for these patients and do not necessarily reflect
the results other patients may experience, as results may vary due to many factors.


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Why choose us as your periodontist in Neutral Bay?

At Smile Specialists Suites, you’ll find a team of dedicated professionals passionate about your oral health. We provide custom dentistry treatment plans, a welcoming environment, and the latest in dental technology. Specialising in periodontics and dental implant surgery, we believe in a tailored approach, focusing on your unique needs and the underlying causes of oral health issues for thorough, effective treatment.

Book an appointment and find out how we can restore healthy gums and teeth for a confident, vibrant smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more answers on our FAQ page.

The cost of periodontal dentistry treatment varies depending on the type and severity of the condition, the specific treatment required, and other individual factors. At Smile Specialists Suite a first visit consists of an hour-long periodontist consultation and will cost $435. A deposit of $120 will be required to secure the initial consultation appointment. Quotations for treatment are provided following this initial consultation and costs are based on an individual basis. We offer payment plans and some private health providers may offer to cover costs.

The primary difference between a dentist and periodontist lies in their training and specialisation. A dentist provides general dental care, including cleanings, fillings, crowns, and some types of oral surgeries. A periodontist, on the other hand, is a dentist who has completed additional years of specialised training in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, the health of gums and bone supporting the teeth, and the placement of dental implants. Periodontists focus on more complex and advanced gum-related conditions.

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